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Integral reforms Barcelona: everything included in the work budget

Normally, the main reasons for which a flat is to be completely renovated in Barcelona is due to age, humidity problems, facilities that are too old, elements that are difficult to access and deteriorated, or simply some modifications or extensions are needed. The works that are most easily undertaken are bathroom renovations and kitchen renovations. Moment that is usually used to give a more modern and welcoming touch to our home. An apartment is also usually reformed because perhaps it helps us to forget bad experiences lived in other times in that place.

We know that with these times, it is not always possible to keep the house up to date and that damages are always accumulating that in the long run show their face and that makes the reform much more expensive in the end. For this reason, when you do a reform, you should take into account some advice for the rehabilitation, integral or partial reforms, of your house so that it is not so expensive or uncomfortable and it is important to hire a specialist in Integral reforms Barcelona or in the city you reside to avoid unpleasant surprises such as the following:

1. Choose well the date on which the reform is made. For example, summer is always chosen for this since the materials dry earlier and there are more daylight hours, however in winter the reforms tend to bother the neighbors less.
2. It is important to be clear about what you want and order your ideas. This also includes planning a budget, making a list of priorities, calculating the time needed, materials…etc.
3-If you want your budget not to overflow, limit yourself to reforming the most necessary things such as humidity, accessibility problems… although they do not imply an aesthetic change in your house, it will be the best to carry out good maintenance.
4. Get involved in the project even though you leave most of the work in the hands of the bricklayer and other professionals. Make it clear in advance that everything is included since in integral reforms there are times when some offers do not include everything. To do this, try to be communicative, speak and get involved in each of the project bases, although without hindering the work of the professional. It is important to convey your concerns, doubts and tastes so that the result of the project is totally satisfactory. You should avoid making sudden changes, and you should always reflect on your ideas from the beginning as it may mean increased costs in the reform.
5- Materials . Quality materials are usually expensive, although a consensus can always be reached. Choose materials that, even if they are a little more expensive than you thought, can be more durable. In addition, you should always consult the professional in charge of the work if you have any questions about maintenance or durability so that you can choose the materials according to your needs as well.


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