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Comprehensive Reforms Team

We are professionals

Solutions and Commitment

Work Methodology

  • 1.Contact

    Contact us and we will be happy to start the project and resolve all doubts about your reform.

  • 2. Visit + Exchange of ideas

    We carry out an initial visit with an exchange of ideas between the project that you propose and possible improvements or solutions that help create the house of your dreams.

  • 3. Budget

    Once we are clear about the project, we present the budget with which the work will be carried out.

  • 4. Contract

    At the moment in which the budget is approved by the client, we carry out the corresponding contract with the maximum clarity and transparency.

  • 5. Delivery of the Reform Master Plan

    We deliver the project plan to be able to start the work according to the client.

  • 6. Execution of the Reform

    We start the work of the work as stipulated in the previous steps.

We are a company made up of a multidisciplinary comprehensive reform team with the capacity to diagnose the problems that arise in any reform, providing solutions and managing and carrying out the works taking into account different aspects such as design, functionality, safety, health and energy efficiency and supporting and carrying out measures that help to sustain the environment. (We are members of the FENISS foundation and we have the ISSOP seal).

We are professionals in the sector, specialists in reforms and rehabilitation of homes.

Energy efficiency, accessibility in buildings and in the application of measures that improve the quality of life of the people who inhabit those homes and/or buildings.

In short, we can improve accessibility to homes (elevators and accessible routes), we improve energy efficiency, we reduce consumption and the resulting CO2 emissions. We guarantee the habitability and safety of homes as well as the required thermal and acoustic comfort.

A team of specialist human integral reforms

Our way of working implies that before the start of the work we hold a prior meeting between the client, the technician and the interlocutor of the work to finish specifying aspects of the reform such as the finishes that have been chosen and other issues that may arise. to set the pace of work.

By having clients from outside the country, we also merge the criteria that we apply here with criteria from other countries, so that this merger enriches us and gives us a broader perspective.

How can we help you?

If you need to ask a question about any of our services or want to request a quote, do not hesitate to contact us. Call us or fill out the form, and we will help you in any way we can. We are a team of professional and human integral reforms that will create the reform of your dreams. Learn about our Comprehensive Reforms here.

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