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Insulation in apartments in Barcelona

Thanks to the new Next Generation aid from the EU, it will be possible to request aid and subsidies for energy renovations of buildings and apartments, to achieve an energy improvement in the renovation and consequently considerable energy savings.

It is important to carry out energy rehabilitation of buildings because we can obtain significant savings on electricity and gas bills.

To improve the insulation of a flat in Barcelona, ​​it is not necessary to make large investments since thermal insulators are quite inexpensive and there are also several ways to place them. Insulation renovation can be done with various materials and in various ways.

What it is about is improving the ability to prevent the passage of energy flow through our exterior walls and our windows and balcony doors.

Insulation can be improved in a renovation from the outside and/or from the inside. By doing it on the outside with techniques called SATE, no useful surface area of ​​the home is lost. On the other hand, if it is done inside we will lose approximately 5 cm on all the walls that face the façade or interior patio.

There are different types of insulation: preformed, such as expanded/extruded polystyrene, fiberglass or rock wool, aluminum sheets (thin thickness), etc., and amorphous, such as polyurethane applied by spraying, expanded polystyrene beads, rock wool or cellulose fibers that can be blown into the air chambers that are in most buildings in Barcelona.

The savings that an energy reform entails will help us pay less on electricity and gas bills and will also contribute to keeping our planet healthier.

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