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Trends in Space Redistribution: Inspiration for your Next Comprehensive Renovation

If you are considering a comprehensive renovation, here we present the latest trends in space redistribution that could inspire your next project. The concept of home is constantly evolving, and with it, the way we use and redistribute our spaces. Comprehensive renovations have become an exciting opportunity to redefine the functionality of every corner of your home, adapting it to your changing needs and lifestyle.

1. Open and Multifunctional Spaces:

The trend of knocking down walls to create open and multifunctional spaces continues to grow. The kitchen, dining and living room areas merge into a single space, encouraging interaction and creating a feeling of spaciousness.

2. Kitchens as a Central Point:

Kitchens are no longer simply places to cook. Now they are strategic areas of the house, where we socialize and enjoy family time. Open kitchen designs with central or attached islands and breakfast bars are popular for creating a welcoming and functional environment.

3. Home Offices:

The work-from-home trend has led to an increase in the creation of home offices. Even if you don’t work from home full time, having a dedicated corner for study and work is essential.

4. Relaxation and Wellbeing Areas:

The importance of physical, mental and emotional well-being has led to the creation of special areas for this. Spaces with yoga mats, stretching bars hanging from the ceiling – with more than one use -, cozy air-purifying reading corners or even small saunas or steam baths are increasingly popular.

5. Bathrooms-Living room:

Bathrooms are no longer purely functional spaces. Now looking to create a relaxing oasis with spa features such as freestanding bathtubs, rain showers, mood lighting and elegant materials.

6. Interior-Exterior Integration:

The line between inside and outside is blurring. The terraces and patios are considered an extension of the interior spaces, with sliding glass doors that allow a fluid connection between the two.

7. Creative Storage:

Storage optimization is crucial in smaller spaces. Designs that take advantage of every corner, such as built-in wardrobes with modular solutions, allow you to maintain order without sacrificing style.

8. Minimalist Style:

Simplicity and minimalist aesthetics continue to be a strong trend. Less is more, and uncluttered spaces with functional yet stylish furniture and accessories are the hallmark of this trend. The order and quantity of objects avoids visual stress. (Eliminate everything that is not useful to you and/or is not “beautiful”).

9. Custom Touches:

Personalization is essential to making your home truly yours. From colors and materials to unique decorative details, add elements that reflect your personality and lifestyle.

10. Sustainability in Design:

Environmental awareness is also reflected in trends in the redistribution of spaces. The aim is to use sustainable, recycled and low environmental impact materials, as well as to incorporate energy efficiency systems in the design.

Ultimately, the redistribution of spaces in your comprehensive renovation must adapt to your specific needs and desires. By taking inspiration from these trends, you can create a home that is not only functional and beautiful, but also reflects who you are and how you live. The magic of transforming your space is in your hands!

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