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How to save with your refrigerator?

In this article we give you some tips so you can save with your current refrigerator.

  • Adapt the refrigerator and freezer to the real needs of the family group and their way of life
  • Make sure it ventilates from the back
  • Periodically clean the coil from the rear so that the heat released from it when the compressor operates can be dissipated
  • Do not place it near sources of heat (oven, kitchen, etc.), since it can mean a 15% increase in electricity consumption
  • Defrost it before a 3mm layer of ice forms. Ice is insulating (remember the Igloos) and hinders the internal cooling of the device
  • The ideal temperature for the refrigerator should be between 5 and 6ºC and that of the freezer should be between -15 and -16ºC.
  • Periodically check the door rubbers so that they keep the doors closed well
  • When we unplug it for some time, it is better to remove the plastic trays to avoid the formation of mold

As the definition of the energy class is a bit confusing, we could say that it is an indicator of how efficient an appliance is compared to the rest of those with similar characteristics.

Thus, for example, a class A appliance consumes 55% of the energy consumed by an average appliance of the same type, while a class G appliance consumes 25% more than the average (which would be 100%).

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