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American Kitchen Renovation in Barcelona: Transform your Space with Style

In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps to carry out an American kitchen renovation in Barcelona, ​​and provide you with useful tips to achieve a truly spectacular result.

When it comes to transforming your home, one of the most exciting areas to renovate is the kitchen. And if you live in Barcelona, ​​you know that an open-plan kitchen is an increasingly popular option for those looking for an open, socializing and welcoming environment. An American-style kitchen renovation can give your space a fresh and modern look, while improving functionality and comfort.

Step 1: Planning and Design

The first step in any kitchen renovation project is design and planning. Before you start knocking down partitions or buying new appliances, you should have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Do you want a modern style kitchen or do you prefer a more rustic style? What colors and materials would you like to use? How will you make the most of the available space? In Barcelona, ​​where design and aesthetics are so important, it is essential to invest time in this initial stage.

Step 2: Choice of Materials and Finishes

The choice of materials and finishes is crucial to the success of your renovation. Barcelona is known for its sophisticated lifestyle and love of design, so it is important to select high-quality materials and elegant finishes. Choose granite or marble countertops for a touch of luxury, and consider natural-looking wood or ceramic flooring options. The cabinets can be made of hardwood or lacquered in modern and vibrant colors to give personality to your American kitchen.

Step 3: Layout Design

One of the key features of an American kitchen is the openness of the space. This means that the layout of your kitchen must be carefully thought out to make the most of circulation and functionality. Kitchen islands are a great option for creating a focal point and providing additional work and storage space. Make sure the flow between the kitchen, dining room and living room is smooth and natural.

Step 4: Lighting

Lighting plays a fundamental role in the atmosphere of your American kitchen. Barcelona is famous for its natural light, so make sure you make the most of it. Large windows or sliding glass doors that open to a deck or patio can bring the outside in. Additionally, install recessed lighting, pendants, or ceiling or wall sconces strategically to create a warm and inviting atmosphere at night.

Step 5: High-End Appliances

Barcelona is a city that appreciates good food, so don’t skimp on the quality of your appliances. A modern American kitchen should feature high-end appliances that are not only efficient but also elegantly designed. Think about a built-in refrigerator, a state-of-the-art induction cooktop and an electric convection oven. These items will not only enhance your cooking experience but will also elevate the overall look of your kitchen.

Step 6: Design Details

The details are what make the difference in the design of an American kitchen renovation in Barcelona. Add touches of personality with elements like a breakfast bar with stylish stools, vibrantly colored mosaic tiles on the kitchen wall, or a uniquely designed extractor hood. Small details can bring your kitchen to life and make it truly special.

Step 7: Hiring Professionals

An American kitchen renovation is a significant project that requires skills and experience. Don’t hesitate to hire design and construction professionals who know the Barcelona market and are familiar with local design trends. At Reforma y Ahorra we have been specializing in renovations in Barcelona since 1995. Our expert team will guide you throughout the process, from initial planning to final execution.


In Barcelona, ​​renovating an open-plan kitchen can be an investment that significantly improves the quality of life in your home. With careful planning, selection of quality materials, and attention to detail, you can transform your space with style and create a kitchen that is the heart of your home. So what are you waiting for? Start designing the American kitchen of your dreams in Barcelona and enjoy a modern and functional space that reflects the charm of this beautiful city!

Remember that each renovation is unique, and in Barcelona, ​​the combination of design and functionality is essential. Follow these steps and seek inspiration from local trends to achieve an American kitchen renovation that perfectly suits your lifestyle and personality in this vibrant Catalan city. Your renovated kitchen will be the ideal place to create unforgettable memories and enjoy good food with friends and family!

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