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A source of energy can be considered sustainable if complex under the following conditions:

– The energy is pot rest naturally

– Technology must improve energy efficiency

– Availability to long termini

Sustainable energy is that which is capable of satisfying the creixent current demand does not compromise the demand of the people who ho required in the future. All sources of renewable energy such as solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, d’ona and tidal energy are formed of sustainable energy. These sources of energy exist for several seconds enrerra i face existent and will continue to exist. Renewable energies have a very low environmental impact, and above all, they are available and it is reposed of natural way.

The energy that is used in the world needs creixer of fast way as our technology does. The canvis in technology have Donat lloc a moltes altres sources alternatives d’energia, que poden ser benefits from different modern techniques.

Face is molt per fer. Ja that the population  utilitza molt els dispositius electronics moderns, the one that fa that the need for energy continued each time greater. Per Faced with this need, energy companies must have a great I was enthusiastic about striving to get people to have access to the energy that is at all times available to people.


Fossil fuels have donated service to humanity during molts years. They have made our life simpler, since we can always have the one that volguem i quan ho volguem. The great question that sorgeix ara is: At whose point can these fossil fuels be used? to donate answer to this question we must remember that these despareixeran molt aviat of our vines.

Per altra banda, some gray environmental problems relations between the global scale and the climate change have made people I was aware of the brutal consequences of not switching to a green, net energy. Això has behaved that a lot of people use fonts d’alternative or renewable energy

Great investments will be available for different countries for development of the wind farms, solar parks and dams at the llarg dels rius i profitable seas. Sens dubte, the dependence on fossil fuels has reduit in a certain measure, but reducing our dependency in a degree considerable for behaving almost a decade.

Moltes vegades aquest fet es passa per alt i en part és because people have a tendency to use fossil fuels. I in Reality Fossil fuels cannot meet the world’s need of energy It is even so important that if it is not stopped having dependence on them hi hauran irreparable environmental consequences and more consequences than ara veiem, they are massa grans com per ignorar-les.

The great infrastructures for obtaining renewable energy They require a huge amount of capital and end up producing only a small quantity. of the energy consumption of the whole world. But the instal.lacions locals d’autoconsum (distributed generation) they are not as expensive as suppliers and they allow us to supply communities of veins senceres.

Fa a temps, semblava impossible to arrive at this point degut to the increase in the cost of the first subject, the complexity of the teams and the machines and degut to the increase in the cost of fossil fuels, but currently these local renewable energy projects are being implemented every day more

The components and materials first used in These projects are designed and produced in factories  supply of fossil fuels, the which are transported to the power station for mitjà de camins  or xarxa ferroviària. The staff that works there they use vehicles to transport themselves to the lloc de treball. trucks Carregats with large machines, with excavators and turbines, small fish and complexes, generators, transformers, and power cables, to a large extent mogut for fossil fuels. It’s unsustainable…

Once the solar power plant, central hydroelectric or wind s’hagi i posat in marxa, it requires little amount of fossil fuel to carry out maintenance tanks, repair, adjustment, substitution or repair of recanvi fish.

Ongoing maintenance is required when the plant is produce energy. If it is produced qualsevol failed important degut to the fault from the caixa d’engranatges, turbines, transformer, generator, pota d’un aerogenerador, solar panells or per qualsevol natural disaster; will increase the quantity of utilitzat fossil fuel, since it will require that you travel to the lloc enginyers Remove and replace or repair the defective part.

In short, renewable energy is here to stay, but the projects in progress have to throw endevant and the administration has to expedite the legislation and the procedures of the files, easy to control the maintenance and annul this dependency that we have on fossil fuels.


The increase in prices, contamination and shortages fuels have forced scientists to search for alternative sources of gas. All the sources of energy that are able to stand naturally are considered as sources of renewable energy.

Most of the vegades these termes s’utilitzen indistinctly Some believe that all renewable energy sources are sustainable and there is no difference between the two concepts. Però, això it is not cert.

Renewable energy includes all those sources that do not cause cap dany al medi ambient i that have a minimal impact on the environment that ens wrapped. Sustainable energy can be defined in a broader term and includes all types of energy sources. Sources of energy with solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, of the onades, of the tides and the hydrogen are renewable, here are sustainable, since they have a minimal impact on the environment, but The mateix with nuclear energy does not succeed, since it is not considered as Renewable because it pollutes the environment, but it is sustainable. this It is the only reason for which it is clear that all renewable energy sources are sustainable but not all sustainable energy sources are renewable.


If we analyze the oil exploration of several companies, ens donem compte that industrialization is increasing. The name of industries and the energy consumption associated with these, in the future, will be greater than l’energia that is produced. Això donarà lloc to catastrophic consequences, ha that together with the lack of energy have come unimaginable consequences with l’escassetat d’alimentos, de combustible, només per esmentar algunos consequences. These types of things should be avoided.

With the aim of avoiding these consequences, it should keep in mind that it is necessary a current pel món energy. Tenim make sure that the energy that you use is complex with us necessitats and I will learn not to waste it. Això requires exploring other sources of energy to be able to meet future needs.

Durant molts anys fossil fuels have produced energy, but aviat will run out. This is the area for which solar energy it is a more reliable source of energy and also more sustainable.

Tenint en compte pel fet that solar energy has existed from a beginning, exploiting this source of energy will have a great advantage for our production of energy and consumption. The sun feeds us You will call during the day with the rain. The only thing that s’ha de fer is that the light is converteixi into heat and that this heat continued to be used to satisfy them we need energy. It is not pot drain and therefore it is a source sustainable energy.

The other positive point is that solar energy can satisfy them Energetic needs of all the world to illuminate everyone. this energy to run our industries, our vehicles and habitats, and in molts altres camps. Therefore, it is convenient that it is preguin all the necessary precautions to guarantee that you sew the vagina in function of the necessities It is the best that is pot fer to avoid continuing to affect the our environment.

Of fet, you can use solar energy for all that you need. You just have to have the right ones to get benefits.

“If you take care of your mon, take care of your i de tothom”

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