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Reforms to Barcelona: What do I need to know for a reform to Barcelona with the maximum guarantees?

When carrying out reforms in Barcelona , the Barcelona City Council classifies the works according to whether the structure is modified , the distribution is modified or neither the structure nor the distribution is modified. In these last cases , a Projecte d’obres is not necessary .

It doesn’t matter if you have bought a newly built apartment, a condo in a community, or a house that needs repairs, one always requires more (or at least it is necessary for repairs and maintenance tasks).

It is for això that below, et vam show some advices per a fer de la teva residence a lloc millor al mateix temps that you obtain the maximum guarantees d’això.

📄 When is a Works project necessary?

A Projecte d’obres is the attached pressupost of the technician that will be used to pay the impost per obres. If a Project is not necessary, the works are exempt from taxes.

If you offer a hundred thousand euros, without compromise, who will you reform? It is probable that a long list of canvis et vinguin a la ment, like the renewal of the finishes or the addition of a new bany.

Qualsevol millora to the teva casa will increase the value of this.

Think about those that are necessary and demand a press post broken down by parties . It is important, if there is not a project, that the measurement units of each item is previously agreed upon by the entity that contracts to avoid surprises.

If it’s winter or you’re considering doing projects in another season, some millions in the llar are more urgent than another. It should be noted that thinking about això et pot could stave off diners or prevent devastating damage.

💵 How much are renovations in Barcelona worth?

The price of a reform in Barcelona can be very variable , because it depends on who is vulguem to reform, with the materials. However, in case of going to carry out a integral reform in a “standard” apartment, the approximate price will be around 300 to 550 Euros .

Of course, as indicated, they fully depend on what is stipulated in the press post, materials, furniture to measure, climatització, quality finishes per standard envelope, etc.

What is really important is that all register in writing and only contract and that I know if there is a variation in the price, for the reason that follows, it is clear and reflects the mateix .

⏱️ How many times do you have to carry out the reforms in Barcelona?

In these cases the variable is quite large, because the weather depends on several factors, such as the current state of the habitat, the reform to be carried out, the necessary material, and more. However, I will respond to all of your questions and we have calculated that the work to be carried out followed one in a floor of approximately 100 m².

¿Cuánto tiempo dura una Reforma integral en Barcelona?

En este caso nos encontraríamos con un tiempo de ejecución de unos u003cstrongu003e2 a 4 mesesu003c/strongu003e en función del plazo de suministro de los materiales de más calidad.

¿Cuánto tiempo dura una reforma de Baño en Barcelona?

La duración aproximada de una reforma de baño en Barcelona suele ser de u003cstrongu003e1 a 2 semanasu003c/strongu003e desde que tenemos el ok para el inicio de las obras.

¿Cuánto tiempo dura una reforma de Cocina en Barcelona?

La duración aproximada de una reforma de baño en Barcelona suele ser de u003cstrongu003e2 a 3 semanasu003c/strongu003e desde que tenemos el ok para el inicio de las obras.

⚒️ Who are the basics for a house reform?

If you are not able to contract a reform service, and you will carry out small house changes, you have to think that it is not possible to sell the house with only your hands, but you will need a multi-queen that will help you. treballs.

Equip the drawer with essential oils for any minor repair or maintenance .

  • martell
  • turntables
  • Measuring tape
  • Pliers
  • clau anglesa
  • clau allen
  • lantern
  • Protective gloves and socks
  • Claus, caragols, escarpies, tacs, cliques, rosques
  • Measuring Level
  • Caixa d’eines.
  • trepat
  • Scale

Tria les millors reform companies in Barcelona

Just as important as finding a good dentist or a good therapist is finding a contractor . There are many stories that are explained by authentic horror that have been explained by owners who have been scammed by contractors or have made a terrible compliment from the housewife . We are fully aware of the events and these histories are scary.

When looking for a company specializing in reforms in Barcelona, you should not stay with the first option, nor the cheapest one . Gairebé is always an intermediate press post between the cheapest and the most expensive sun being the ideal post post.

Close to the internet, I got the opinions of other clients , tried to contact the company specialized in reforms and checked first how they are , how and how they are “come”, in this way. He is wary of derisory or unrealistic assumptions , none can offer a per sota reform of the price of their own materials and the salary of the workers. Be wary of flat prices that you don’t understand and high-sounding technicalities. Close to a company that resolved all your doubts.

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