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Parameters that encompass sustainable reforms in Barcelona

The parameters that encompass sustainable reforms in Barcelona are basically the requirements of the 3 BIO, and combine Energy Efficiency, Health and respect for the Environment:

  • Bioclimatic Reform or Passive Reform or Passivhaus Reform Barcelona (Mediterranean cities)

It is about getting a better use of natural resources to achieve a comprehensive passive reform that consumes less and is healthier:

  • A reform with better insulation is achieved
  • It takes better advantage of the sun, wind and natural light
  • An attempt is made to achieve a hermeticity of the house
  • The house is air-conditioned taking advantage of the outside air temperatures
  • The reuse of water is promoted
  • Use of plant elements

When it comes to projecting a new home, other requirements must be taken into account, such as:

  • Orientation of the house to South. Avoid openings to North
  • Protect the sunniest facades from the sun with light colors (better white) and reflective surfaces (in hot climates)
  • Air conditioning using the so-called Free cooling
  • Create an interior patio to act as the lung of the house
  • Install photovoltaic solar panels or small wind turbines
  • Sustainable reform or Bio construction:

They are also known as the so-called ecological reforms. It is about using materials that respect the environment or that minimize their environmental impact:

  • Reuse of materials or recyclability
  • Use natural (controlled), non-toxic and native materials
  • Use renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency / Reduce energy consumption
  • Use of materials that in their manufacturing process save more energy than traditional ones (less CO 2 emissions)
  • Use of materials whose raw material includes recycled material
  • Use of air conditioning equipment and efficient appliances
  • Use of FSC-certified wood, from controlled felling
  • Use of LED lighting
  • Bio habitability reform:

It is a concept of efficient and healthy house reform. The insulation (efficiency) is reformed, and the house with humidity (healthy) is reformed. It is the one that basically watches over the health of its occupants:

  • Thermal and acoustic comfort (windows with thermal break and insulating glass)
  • Insulating glass with a sealed chamber filled with SF6 or Argon gas
  • Natural ventilation or programmed mechanical ventilation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Use of construction materials that allow the transpiration of the walls
  • Use of natural and/or non-toxic materials that avoid volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde emissions, etc.
  • Promote the use of air purifiers
  • Use installation materials that do not cause electric or electromagnetic fields, high frequencies and harmful radiation for humans
  • Orient the head of the beds to the north
  • Minimize the use of the microwave
  • Use indoor plants that help improve indoor air quality
  • Use bulbs whose light spectrum is closest to the spectrum of natural light
  • Use lighting regulators
  • Use air ionizers
  • Add organic shapes in the rooms, so that they remind us of nature at home


Sustainable reforms are understood to be those that meet a series of parameters. Depending on the number of parameters that are met, a reform will be more or less sustainable.

In this graph we will describe most of those parameters:

Parameters that encompass sustainable reforms in Barcelona 1

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