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Everything you need to know to carry out a Integral Reform

Everything you need to know to carry out a Integral Reform 1

The Integral Reform has become a booming sector, especially taking into account this strange period of “pandemic” and given the slow recovery of new construction projects, people are deciding to buy a second-hand home to make a Integral reform.

Nobody likes to use existing items in the “old” house they buy. The illusion of creating spaces to suit you to get the house of your dreams is very strong and for this reason we want to reform our house.

Keys to a integral reform

Although they represent a small part of the population with home ownership, the millennial generation (between the ages of 25 and 34) is quite active when it comes to undertaking reform projects .

According to a study by Houzz , almost half of the members of that age group remodeled their apartments . Likewise, the older and economically “stronger” generations are increasingly committed to carrying out all kinds of integral reform in your home, and above all, foreigners who bet on carrying out a reform of their flat in Barcelona, since they have selected this as the city where to live or where to invest in a rental home.

Priority in a Integral Reform

Integral reform of kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms are prioritized.

Spain is, together with Ireland and the United Kingdom, the country that requires the greatest demand for services from reform companies.

If you are an individual or a community of owners that does the work for your own use in a home or property that is more than two years old and the contractor provides the materials whose value does not exceed 40% of the price of the integral reform of an apartment, without counting the VAT, the percentage that must be applied is 10%.

However, from the OCU they warn that contractors usually apply 21% VAT by system. This must be taken into account when requesting a budget for a integral reform, or partial reforms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

“Doing integral reforms of flats or reforms of premises in which the distribution and/or structure is not modified now do not require special permits.”

reform and save

Simply with an ” assebentat ” of works it is enough, and with all security we will be able to take advantage of some subsidy for the reform of houses in Barcelona or rehabilitation of facades in which we improve energy efficiency in some way.

Reforming is Gaining in Quality of Life

Adapt the house to your needs

The World Health Organization attributes 30% of additional mortality in winter to inadequate housing conditions.

The indoor air of homes can become much more polluted than outdoor air due to the accumulation of volatile organic compounds, the CO2 that we generate when breathing, suspended dust, mites, etc.

That is why it is advisable to ventilate the rooms daily , and once the interior air is renewed, keep the house as hermetic as possible so that there are no energy leaks through the windows, doors and balconies. There are already devices on the market that filter and purify the indoor air once we have ventilated. This cycle must be daily .

It is important to isolate the house from external and internal noise; it should be a priority objective of the integral reforms of the house or only when renewing the façade enclosures with thermo-acoustic glass.

reform and save

Renewing the rubbers on windows and balconies can also improve both noise and prevent energy leaks through the joints. Weatherstripping on exterior doors are also a good system to prevent such leaks.

When we renovate the windows and French doors, it is also interesting to try to motorize the blinds to avoid the leaks that are produced by the drawer of the tapes of the same.

Last but not least, it is interesting to seal the boxes of the switches, sockets embedded in the façade walls. It seems insignificant but there are many air leaks through these elements.

Integral reform

Trends in distribution of spaces, modern kitchens

A good strategy to achieve maximum results with minimal intervention is to incorporate the kitchen into the living-dining room.

The simple demolition of a partition will radically transform the appearance and functionality of both rooms.

With an elegant, clean and minimalist aesthetic, the kitchen fits into the architecture of the space. Kitchens that don’t look like it, closets that aren’t, distributions made with closets, elimination of corridors, versatile spaces.

There are many possibilities to reform your house without this entailing a price increase . There are endless possibilities that can make your home a beautiful, useful, comfortable and healthy place.

Get to know some of our Integral Reform projects

Integral Bathroom Reforms

Create beautiful and functional bathrooms

A timeless space, above fashions and trends, the search for a space that adapts to the tastes of the user and that does not lose value over time continues to be our goal.

Within the Integral Reforms works, changing the bathtub for a shower tray, suppressing the bidet –but not the function thanks to the new toilets with built-in washing function, or opting for the hotel solution of placing a small faucet with a mini-shower next to the toilet-, and gain storage space under the sink with pull-out drawers without trap cutout and with internal organizers are some infallible strategies to gain order and functionality in the bathroom .

That is why “neutral” products will never fall into disuse. And the ones that best represent that idea are, as always: natural stone, marble, granite, wood and cement, and above all the “eternal” color white.

Here you can see our Bathroom Reforms

we have experience

Integral reforms in Barcelona

At Reformayahorra Group, we have more than 25 years of experience in the sector and we carry out works where we apply these criteria.

We carry out integral reforms in Barcelona of apartments, premises and offices with a correct value for money. We make budgets for reforms in Barcelona without commitment , with honesty, transparency, trust and a lot of understanding…

Our mission is to make the house of your dreams come true, the movie bathroom, the eternal kitchen, the happy bedroom… So you can find comfort in any room in the house.

From Reformayahorra Group we make the house of your dreams come true.

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