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Coronavirus and Reforms to Barcelona, is it a good time?

Since the arrival of the Covid-19, we have been asking if coronavirus and reforms in Barcelona are a good combination at this time, since this pandemic has completely changed the development of our lives. The confinement has supposed a turning point in the way of living in the habitats . Taste the mateix while they go home for three months, the users are planning to carry out reforms that increase their well-being and security status, but… when is the best moment?

This summer, I feel doubtful, is the most atypical of all the ones we have been through at the moment. The authorities recommend traveling only in the national territory, with the objective of not only favoring tourism and the Spanish economy, but also not to be stranded in any other country in the event of a resurgence that forces you to cross borders both states veins.

Therefore, given the flexibility of the measurements, many users have opted for a change in the six vines and reform the house. It is a good moment to execute all the ideas that during the quarantine have haunted our mind. The reforms to Barcelona are adapted to the protocols and security measures that the authorities have decreed to guarantee impeccable work.

Due to the fear of a new quarantine and the existence of an environmental awareness that little by little is taking its toll on the youngest, the motivation for a integral reform to help us guarantee efficiency energetic, is to say, to consume fewer resources in the electronic appliances and appliances of the house. This exchange, without doubt, considerably reduces the money to be paid in the monthly electric bills.

Coronavirus and Reforms in Barcelona: How to start with the integral reform

Check the electricity rate

During the alarm state, make sure that you have posed to review the three bills of the house to know if the amount that you pay all the months for electrical consumption is fair. Pot be that here is detected the first canvi that needs the habitat. A good recommendation to make the most of the resources consists in reducing the contracted electrical power, which is normally situated at levels higher than deuria.

The integral reforms of Barcelona also bet on passing to the nocturnal discrimination rate, in which the price of electricity is cheap during a period of times that normally, it used to be between the due of the night and the 12 of the migdia. In this way, it is possible to program the systems because, in the case of not calling at these hours, they activate automatically, thus guaranteeing autonomy and independence.

Coronavirus and Reforms to Barcelona

Increases the levels of energy efficiency in the llar

Others of the canvis that best benefit the habitat supposes the bet for electronic appliances and appliances with a high energy efficiency. How are these teams distinguished? Because they carry a label with a certain letter that indicates the level of performance that a team possesses, sent l’A the highest qualification and G the lowest.

The systems with an A ++ label consume the necessary resources to avoid wasting electrical supplies during the use or energy transport. Pot being that it is tracti d’an investment an expensive mica at the beginning, pel fet that the quality tea a preu. However, it must be seen as an investment that, at mid-term, the user will recover his disbursement in the form of invoices, because he will pay a smaller amount.

Before carrying out any of these, in Reforma y Ahorra it is recommended that a study be carried out with the aim of discovering the advantages of the house and the strengths that require a million to last the integral reforms in Barcelona . In this way, the user will have to invest and the benefits that they will obtain in the future.

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