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Bathroom Carrer Balmes

    Bathroom reforms Carrer Balmes (Barcelona)

    bathroom reform

    Bathrooms and toilets are increasingly being carried out with more sophistication since we have realized that they are spaces that have a lot of prominence.

    They have gone from being mere spaces to clean ourselves, to being spaces for worshiping the body , where we do our physiological needs and also where we groom and relax. For this it is necessary to achieve spaces where we are comfortable.

    Bath or shower will depend on the tastes and customs of each one . There are many possibilities, although the most efficient is undoubtedly the shower. We can also place a shower tray with a hydromassage column that would be a solution between a bath and a shower.

    Bathroom Carrer Balmes 1
    Bathroom Carrer Balmes 1

    Shower screens

    Screens with a fixed panel when the length of the shower or bathtub tray is greater than 140 cm. When the length is less, it is better to close the hole with a closed screen.

    To prevent the limescale in the water we use from “marking”, a good trick is to place a printed glass on one side instead of transparent glass . These types of solutions are a little more expensive because the partitions usually come with transparent, matte or screen-printed glass.

    The bidet is a toilet that tends to disappear in small bathrooms , and increasingly also in larger ones. This allows you to gain space for other toilets and simplifies installation.

    New and/or refurbished hotels no longer tend to place a bidet but instead place a washing kit next to the toilet (tap plus flexible hose and mini-spray, with hot and cold water output or only cold)

    More and more toilets are placed suspended to facilitate cleaning and because aesthetically they look better . When placing a wall-hung toilet, it is necessary to hide the cistern inside a masonry or plasterboard drawer, and place a double flush button panel through which maintenance is carried out when necessary. This usually generates a shelf where plants, air fresheners or decorative elements can be placed.

    Bathroom furniture

    The bathroom furniture allows infinite compositions . Countertops, drawers, bucks, sinks, taps, mirrors and wall lights can be combined.

    The cheapest options are undoubtedly the packs in which the furniture comes, with drawers or doors, the built-in sink, the mirror and the wall light on the mirror. There is a wide variety of colors and textures, always lacquered or laminated. For bathrooms with little ventilation, it is better to opt for lacquered furniture because it does not have edged sides and it better supports the condensation that can form inside.

    The color temperature of the lights in these rooms is better than 4000 K , which is the light that most resembles the spectrum of sunlight, with a tendency to white.

    As for the general colors of bathrooms and toilets, the trend is for neutral colors ranging from earth tones to ocher and light or medium greys. For more daring options, you can opt for combinations of those colors with a darker colored wall that is not so neutral, or highlight the bathtub or shower area from the rest of the room.

    Bathroom Carrer Balmes 1

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    Do you like what you see and want to carry out a reform similar to this one?

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    Always applying criteria to improve energy efficiency, the reduction of emissions, the health of the people who use them and as far as possible using natural materials.

    In short, in our reforms we follow a series of guidelines that allow us to offer adaptable reforms to any budget, optimize space and the entry of natural light and use natural materials as far as possible.

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