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4 fundamental concepts in comprehensive reforms

4 fundamental concepts in comprehensive reforms 1

When considering comprehensive reforms, the following concepts and their priority must be taken into account to assess the cost of it:

Security in your comprehensive reforms

It is evident that everything related to security in any area of life is a priority. In the case of a comprehensive reform, it is the state of the structure, both walls and ceilings, the presence of cracks in load-bearing walls, the state of the ground we walk on, the state of the façade elements, etc.

When making a budget, there are many people who do not take it into account and then find surprises.

Comfort in your reforms


Thermal comfort is given to us by the walls, the roof and the façade enclosures (windows, French doors, skylights, etc.). When buying a house to reform, we should know if the house is well insulated or not .

For example, a comprehensive reform in Barcelona in buildings built before 1979 is very likely not to be isolated . It was in that year when the obligation to isolate homes in Catalonia came into force.


Environmental comfort is provided by lighting and indoor air quality . As for lighting, you should opt for warm light colors (2,500-3,000 K) to create a relaxed atmosphere; the so-called “daylight” for the color that “imitates” the light that the sun gives indirectly (4,000-4,200 K) and cold light colors (4,500-6500 K) for areas in which more concentration is required or need white light. The bluish light colors are better not to place.


Acoustic comfort is also provided by the walls and the roof, but, above all, the façade enclosures and, specifically, the glazing that has windows and French doors, skylights, etc.

A simple and practical option could be a laminated glass on the outside , an air chamber and a simple glass on the inside.

indoor air quality

It is clear that ventilating is the best passive option to renew the interior air in rooms . But there are also other active options on the market that, in addition, filter the air that enters from outside (and that may be more or less contaminated) that may contain harmful gases and suspended particles that can cause short-term illnesses.

Taking into account that the air we breathe on the street is increasingly polluted, it may be an issue to consider in your next comprehensive reforms to turn your home into an “oasis” of quality of life in a polluted environment.


Who does not enjoy beautiful things?

The combination of shapes, colors and textures make a house more or less pleasing to the eye , but, as in art in general, everyone feels what they feel…


In the field of reforms, beauty without utility is not “perfect” . You always have to try to combine these two concepts so that they are all “one”.

Beauty and Utility, is the perfect pairing!

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